WordPress is an open source content management system as well as blogging tool. It is designed using PHP and MySQL. A plug in architecture and a template system makes it super easy to customize and add features. It has been used for development of more than 22% of front ranking websites. It is also the most popular blogging tool in the web. With our expert wordpress website development team we can help you build a comprehensive website and blog or get a blog as part of a website.

With wordpress website design we can help you set up blogs and add features and pages to it quickly. Different set ups are possible for your blogs and websites. We will help you create beautiful and powerful websites and blogs.
For your blog you can get a static home page much like a website. However, the home page will show all the latest posts. With our expert wordpress website design team you can get as many pages as you like for your blog and designate parent pages for ease of navigation of the visitors.

Sometimes you may want to disable the comments from users of your blog. Using wordpress we can disable comments pretty easily.

You may want to add widgets to your blog or website for display of stuff. We will help you choose from a variety of widgets available with wordpress to suitably inform your users.

Search engine optimization is easy with wordpress, and wordpress is already optimized for SEO. The synergy between our expertise in SEO and the SEO friendly nature of wordpress can give you the best bargain in terms of search engine ranking.

Readers can get in touch with you through the Contact Form that can be designed in wordpress website development. You will not need to divulge your contact details in the website or blog.

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