SEO has traditionally being segregated into a couple of domains, on page which signifies what can be done on the pages of the website, and off page which covers activities that takes place somewhere else e.g. link building or page link. So what is the off page optimization? We strive to define it as factors that have considerable amount of effect on your web page in natural search results. These factors are controlled off site and as a clientele you are bound to have no say in this regard. But you cannot afford to ignore and this is where our role comes into prominence. Some of the techniques which are provided by us are as follows

• Link Building
• Social media along with book marking

Search engines for a considerable period of time have aimed at providing best results to the users. Off leaf SEO gives them a clear idea on how the world views the website. A website is more than likely to have mention on the social platforms and is expected to be bookmarked as well as shared by the likeminded people


When you tie up with us for you off leaf needs you are likely to avail the following benefits
• Increase in rankings- The ranking of your website will increase which will pave way for more traffic
• Page rank- This is evaluated on a scale of 1 to 10 and signifies the importance of the website in the eyes of Google
• More exposure- Higher ranking means more exposure as when a website is ranked among the top tier, it is bound to get more links as well as more social interactions

So tie up with us and take your off page needs to the next level? We are more than happy to serve you?