When we first worked on Magento a few years back, we knew there was a winner. What more we have certified frontend and backend developers on Magento who work on complex web interactions on both enterprise and community edition.
Why work with us on your Magento solution?

It is beautiful and multifaceted solution and the complex nature of it, demand skilled along with talented developers in order to extend it correctly. The developers who are associated with us know the enterprise and community edition inside out, to the smallest of details .By working with us on this sphere, you are bound to have a secured and stable website, with more functionality which will help you toward your competitors in the best possible way. If you choose to work with us, you are bound to get the experience of a magento certified developer as well.

The complexity associated with the optimization part requires a website with good loading facilities and we are well equipped with all the tools in this regard.

• We are known to optimize the extensions as well as the customizations installed
• Necessary customizations and configurations are made to enable Magento to perform to the core.
• The tuning up of the server is done by us
• The caching is optimized by using the Redis or Varnish
• The search is speeded up with Sphinx of Solr

The demand for speed is one of the things which will never change and we strive to work on that. One of the most beautiful things about Magento is the ecosystem and a large part of it is bound to be determined by the number of extensions available. We ensure that all the extensions are worked upon in the best possible manner.

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